Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Game 2 always speaks volumes at the Rogers Centre.

The home opener to the average sports fan in Toronto is a spectacle. When you pack fifty thousand people together, mix it with Budweiser, and a sharp set of new swag, Torontonians tend to believe they know what it is to be a sports fan.

Unfortunately, tonight shows why we aren’t, true baseball fans.

You disagree? What's that you say? “Hey, we won back to back World Series.” Is that right?

Death, taxes, the Blue Jays opening series attendance dropping from 50,000 for the opener to less than 25,000 for each of the other two games. These may possibly be the three guarantees in life.

Last year, the opening day attendance was 47,984; the attendance for game two fell to 27,194. In 2010 the opening day attendance was 50,299; Game two fell to 22,890. In 2009 the same story can be told, 48,027 at the opener, 16,790 for game two.

Patience is a virtue; however the proof is in the pudding. When it comes to living and breathing baseball like our divisional rival fans, we finish a distant third. That aforementioned stat is not the case in Boston or New York. We like to talk the talk, but we flat out suck at walking. One day later, 25,000 people vanish, back to their couches and twitter accounts to play armchair quarterback (coach/manager, you get my point) only to be seen again when we face the teams that walk the walk.

We have and were very well capable of watching baseball in this city. Believe it, its true.
Paul Beeston was grilled last year for basically calling out the fans. And bless his heart because I believe that Mr.Beeston had it right, the shitty part is it’s sort of frowned upon to ruin the corporate image of the owners by calling out your consumer, but that topic is for another day.

I digress. The maddening part about Game 2 is it’s the Red Sox, a premium game that most fans will attend mid season, eat my words I will, but tonight is just like any other Game 2. Instead of the typical Upper Deck card pose our players take on the banners above gate 9, next year my vote is for more of an Uncle Sam attitude, maybe Brett Lawrie pointing at us with a quote reading "we want you."

As for tonight I’ll be there, will you?

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