Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Because Once is Never Enough

UPDATE 3: Via Mike Wilner
@Wilnerness590 Jose Bautista says it was the White Sox whose bullpenners threatened him that day last spring.

UPDATE 2: Bob Mccown had Keith Law on Prime Time Sports just a few minutes ago. Law admitted to the BobCat that he in fact knew of the team that Nelson was speaking about, but refused to state it on the record. Yet he was quite clear that the blog Steal of Home had in fact broken down the possible teams and that his conclusion on the unnamed team "may" be true. If that's the case - the team in question is the Chicago White Sox. I wonder how Jason Frasor is fitting in out in their bullpen!

UPDATE: So if any of you were lucky enough to listen to the inspiration for this entire Site, Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos just wrapped up his pre-game press conference. What a beauty. Can we all declare the hashtag for tonights Jay game as #ThisWholeThingIsStupid ? I will be at the game in all white sitting in section 101 RCF...Boom!

So I wrote about this earlier on today...(Stealing Signs for Dummies) but I can't help but throwing out a few more thoughts on this whole signgate issue. For starters I want to be really clear on something - I don't think there is any reason to believe that the Jays do not in fact steal signs. I also don't think there is any reason to believe that the 31 other teams in the MLB do not steal signs. I don't think there is a hitter in the majors that would reach second and think twice about relaying signs to his teammate if he can easily decipher the catcher's signals to the pitcher.

But that's not really the point of everything today. It's that two journalists from ESPN decided that they were going to have a field day by publishing a report that slanders a team with next to no evidence. And I mean literally no evidence, proof, quote's - heck the only research that was done to support their argument was provided by baseball prospectus.

Not only could either Peter Keating or Amy K Nelson get any of the unnamed New YorkYankee Bullpen pitchers to come forward and admit that they were the ones who witnessed @Jaysfaninwhite steal signs, they couldn't even find one departed Blue Jay over the past two years to admit this was happening. Seriously - think about that for a second. Neither a bullpen pitcher who literally could benefit from any media humanly possible, or a departed Jay that has nothing to lose (I'm looking at you Lyle, seriously your unemployed) would go on the record to comment on this.

But I am not sure if that's what even drives me the most mad about this all situation. I think above all else, I can't believe the media attention this article is receiving. In terms of journalistic integrity this article is about as well sourced as a posting on Bleacher Report, yet it was published by the largest sports publication/broadcaster in the world. If I was any bit a cynic I would suggest it has more to do with slandering Jose Bautista's chase for this year's AL MVP than it does questioning the Jays on/off field ethics. But let's not get too out of control right?

Realistically I think everyone needs to settle down a bit on this whole #spydome issue. The more credence we give to shoddy journalism like this, the more and more likely we will see piss poor reporting. And on that note, I will see all of you at the game tonight as I have tickets in section 101 and will be wearing all white.

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