Friday, July 8, 2011

The All Star Joke

So every bit of me wishes I enjoyed the MLB All Star game as much as I do the annual Home Run Derby - but I don't. The game is absolutely pointless, and if there isn't any score early in the game, you can guarantee that home field advantage for the world series will be awarded to the team whose fringe all stars outscore the other leagues fringe all stars.

But every so often a little nugget of gold comes about such as this gem from Bryan Noch, the New York Yankees beat reporter:!/BryanHoch/status/89088377051299840

Yeah, that's right - Yankees all star Mariano Rivera isn't healthy enough to pitch in the all star game, but was fine if he was needed to pitch last night. While I'm certain Angels reliever Jordan Walden will appreciate the nod far more than Mo who has spent the last decade at these things, I can't help but laugh at the joke the players clearly think this game is. I mean Rivera is clearly admitting he is healthy enough to pitch for his team, yet he isn't come the all star game?? Yep, it's truly that ridiculous.

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