Monday, July 11, 2011

The All Star Game is Still a Joke Post

If you really had any doubts to this point that the all star game was a meaningless joke to the players, Aramis Ramirez of the Chicago Cubs has put the icing on the cake. After he was asked to join the NL roster to replace the injured Jose Reyes, Ramirez when asked gave reporters this gem of a quote...
"I don't care; I'd rather take the three days off," said Ramirez, who planned to head home to the Dominican Republic and spend time with his family.

While he later clarified with reporters that he may have been inclined to go had he been asked or selected earlier in the week, Ramirez's initial reaction seems pretty absolute.

Ramirez would have been heading to his third all star game of his career, a pretty sizable accomplishment considering the injury woes he has battled over the past few seasons. When you combine that with the fact that he would have been joining teammate Starlin Castro as the only other Cub selected, the snub certainly holds some value.

The MLB needs to look long and hard at the all star game and figure out what it is to the game. If it means something than the AL and NL managers should have complete control over the players the select. If it doesn't mean anything and is solely for fan entertainment, than the MLB needs to do a better job regulating who is allowed to skip the game after they have claimed an injury. You should require to be on the 7 or 15 day DL to be excused for medical reasons.

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